Task-2 IELTS Writing

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August 17, 2020
Task-1 Academic IELTS Writing
September 10, 2020

Some people say that parents should organise free time activities for their children. Others say children should be free to choose what they do in their free time. Discuss both sides and opine.

Children are considered father of nation who makes or breaks future of the country. Therefore, along with educational skills their holistic development is necessary. A fair amount of masses believe that parents should provide quality time to organise such activities whereas others opine that youngsters can decide how they could utilize their time. This essay intends to analyse both the aspects. I facet with later view.

Undoubtedly, it is known that parents play significant role in upbringing of a child. First and foremost, parents have direct interactions with their children. These have great effect on intellectual development and character traits. It is easy for them to cope with their young ones. Consequently, they can choose the activities which can support them in their future. To cite an example, they can inspire their wards to play outdoor games which assist them to be physically fit or even guide them to develop their creative skills like drawing, paintings or to learn music and dance.

Secondly, parents are well aware what suits best for their child. Parents must keep a check on the activities being done by their children. They should also ensure that their young ones do not waste time on unproductive things such as watching television, playing video games and so on. It is believed that parents who provide encouraging environment for their children are rewarded when, as adults, their children become successful in life.

Masses who opine that children should choose leisure activities by themselves also have valid arguments. Because of freedom, youngsters grow up quicker than their parents. This produces more liberal, mature and adventurous adults, which definitely has an effect on society in the long run. Today’s young generation is most informed generation than even in the history of mankind. Therefore, they know better what to do and can decide activity according to their interest. Moreover, if they will get independence to choose the activities to kill their time may bring to light some of their hidden talents, which may otherwise go unnoticed.

All in all, it can be asserted that children can perform leisure activities according to their interest under the supervision of their parents which can enhance their creativity.

Written by- Jashanpreet Kaur, IELTS Student @ Flourishing Careers