Punch lines 2

Synonyms and Sentences
August 6, 2020
Task-2 IELTS Writing
August 24, 2020

Juvenile Delinquency (crime committed by youngsters)

• Owing to hectic schedule of parents, juvenile delinquency is increasing day by day.
• In this era of modernization, youngsters are getting involved in illegal activities, knowingly or unknowingly. This act is commonly known as juvenile delinquency.


• Globalization has become common scenario in the prevailing world.
• Owing to globalisation, countries around the globe has become closer by reducing distance barriers.


• Crime and punishment should go hand in hand.
• With the advancement of technology, crime rate has increased, leading to security issues as a major concern for government to deal with.
• With the advent of technology, crime around the globe has become matter of concern.


• Toys play essential role in holistic development of child.
• Toys chosen rationally, lead to holistic development of offspring.

Job Hopping (to change job in short period of time)

• Man is a social being who requires more to live and lead good life.
• Job plays an essential role in individual’s life and brings happiness.
• Job hopping is a result of increased competition among masses.

Brain Drain (migration of highly qualified experts)

• Owing to globalisation, global world has become compact and easily approachable.
• Owing to globalisation, many job aspirants of developing nation are eager to welcome employment opportunities from the developed countries.