Synonyms and Sentences

Task 1 (General Training)
July 28, 2020
Punch lines 2
August 17, 2020

1. Exploit – Accomplishment , Adventure

  • We must exploit every opportunity to learn new things.
  • Many countries exploit oil under the sea.
2. Disparity- Discrepancy, inequality, variation
  • We are still seeing a disparity between men’s and women’s salaries.
  • The great disparity between the teams did not make for an entertaining game.
3. Nomadic- Migrant, migratory, roaming
  • They are essentially a rural and nomadic people.
  • The travellers say they should be allowed to lead a nomadic life.
4. Bemused- Distracted, abstracted
  • She was bemused by all the questions.
  • He was still bemused about the money.
5. Accelerate- Quicken, step-up, stimulate
  • Our country should accelerate the economic growth.
  • This car can accelerate from nought(zero) to sixty in ten seconds.
6. Unsubstantiated- Doubtful, debatable
  • He claimed that the charges against him were unsubstantiated.
  • His attack of the president was unsubstantiated.
7. Credible- reliable, trustworthy, honest
  • He was unable to give a credible explanation for his behaviour.
  • Her excuse was barely credible.
8. Consensus- Unity, accord, agreement
  • The two parties have reached a consensus.
  • There is a growing consensus of opinion on this issue.
9. Unenviable- Disagreeable, undesirable, nasty
  • He has an unenviable record of ill- health.
  • The residential staffs are presented with an unenviable task.
10. Plausible- Credible, probable, possible
  • She could not find plausible explanation for its disappearance.
  • Her story sounded perfectly plausible.