Task 1 (General Training)

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May 13, 2020
Synonyms and Sentences
August 6, 2020

You were sent by your company to attend a meeting in another country, but you are not happy with the hotel your organizer booked for you. Write a letter to your organizer about

  • The meeting you attended
  • Your complaint about the hotel
  • What you like the organizer to do about it
Dear Sir,

I am Michael Ovans. I have recently returned after attending the business meeting organized with Dell Associates. I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with accommodation arranged.

The conference attended was beyond our expectations. The products presented by our company were welcomed by most of the businessmen. They appreciated the quality of products and were glad to have such good products at comparatively less cost.

My three nights stay, hotel Park Avenue in Bangkok, was horrible. To my surprise, there was hardly anyone to communicate in English. They only spoke their native language, Thai. Apart from this, the location was too far from the meeting venue which consumed most of my time. I was unable to reach for a meeting as per the slated time on the very first day which was embarrassing.

As you are a frequent organizer, I would recommend you to be careful about the hotel bookings specifically in context to distance between accommodation and meeting site before you proceed with bookings. This would reduce the inconvenience to the faculty traveling overseas.

Hope you will consider my suggestion.

Yours faithfully

Michael Ovans