Writing Task 2

Recent Writing Task 2
March 6, 2020
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May 13, 2020

School teachers used to be the source of information. However, some people argue that teachers are not as important as before as the increasing variety of information resources. What is your opinion?

Education plays an imperative role in building the successful career of a person. For imparting education, I firmly believe that teachers play a vital role which leads to holistic development of students. This essay shall enlist the arguments supporting my belief.

Undoubtedly, technology has been a blessing to mankind. With the advent of computers and technology, it has become too easy for students to avail of the facility of distant education and that too at the ease and comfort of their places. One gets exposed to wide knowledge related to a particular topic just at a click. For instance, search engines like Google, provide a wide variety of information to masses.

Education can be provided through online video sessions which have made it easier for students to complete through their course even in situation of lockdown in nation due to pandemic Coronavirus. Education through other resources not only proves to be the easiest approach but also the most effective as students retain practical knowledge for a longer duration. To cite an example, history seems to be the toughest subject but with the introduction of smart classes where virtual lessons are delivered, students are able to learn history easily and retain them for a lifetime.

However, I opine, still, teachers play an integral role in the field of education. First teacher to everyone’s life is mother, who teaches them to benevolent, generous, and helping towards mankind. She teaches her children culture and rituals. Children usually learn some of the poems from their mother. Education from teachers is the contemporary practice where she takes care of each and every student by paying attention to their problems and assisting them with possible solutions. They ensure that the lessons taught to the students are more like stories related to day to day activities so that they feel connected to the topic and understand it easily.

Furthermore, teachers generate interest of the students in the topics. They can easily come down to the level of students to solve their problems. Teachers help the students to socialize with others easily. They not only provide academic knowledge but also other life lessons which prove to be beneficial in developing their skills, career, and bright future.

To sum up, although technology has changed the scenario of education still the teacher has a prominent role in education which can never be replaced by technology.

Written by: Vartika Pal, Student @ flourishing Careers.