Recent Writing Task 2

March 6, 2020
Writing Task 2
May 5, 2020

 Some people think sports and games are important for society, while others believe they should be taken as leisure activities. Discuss both.

In today’s fast paced era, sports have become too imperative for holistic development of an individual. A fair amount of masses believe that sports and games are significant for community whereas others oppose it. I shall scrutinize both perspectives and enlist my own opinion in subsequent paragraphs.

To keep healthy, sports play an integral role in person’s life. The major reason people think that sports activities are important for society is because of effect it has on community as local residents can become healthier than ever by playing various sports such as basket-ball, football. Not only sports help people to stay fit but also it can be a good source of earning livelihood. In addition to this, as sports help people to remain healthy, government has to spend less on health care, consequently, money saved can be used for alarming issues like unemployment, creating better job opportunities and so on.

On the flip side, majority of people are of the notion, sports should be played just to kill time and have fun as they consider it to be stress-buster in this hectic world. What is more, families see sports as a recreational activity to strengthen their relationship with their wards. To cite an example, some parents prefer to take their kids to nearby grounds so that they can play cricket, football or volleyball. Moreover, masses have become health conscious these days and are becoming aware how games can help them to have good health.

All in all, it can be asserted that sports play crucial role in shaping the personality of an individual. It has great impact on society and extremely helpful as folk remain fit and fine.

Written by : Kamalpreet Kaur, Student @ flourishing Careers.