IELTS Writing Task 2

Skills for the Reading Module
November 28, 2020
IELTS Writing Task-2
February 13, 2021

In some countries, old people are highly valued and in other countries, youth is considered to be more valuable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Dwellers of different nations have varied opinions towards age groups. A fair amount of masses in western countries consider the elderly as disrespectful whereas in some countries old age people are valued more and youth is ignored. In this essay, I shall discuss both perceptions.

First and foremost, old age is valued everywhere. Elderly masses are full of wisdom and experience. They have already witnessed the problem that the youth is suffering as they have more knowledge about how to tackle the problems. Old age has a number of characteristics that hardly any youth have. They have the ability to keep calm when facing up many issues in their life due to which in many societies not just older living family members but ancestors are consulted. Old people always take the long-term consequences into consideration which is crucial in planning to do something. It is also said that old people are like blessings for family, society, and country as they are the backbone of society.

 On the flip side, most government give priority to youth in terms of education so that they can take the society and nation forward. Many young students go abroad for studies and come back to their country for work in a more effective way. Young will be able to promote the development of society. Youth is more creative, confident, and dynamic.  Juveniles aspire to fulfill their dreams and to change this world to make it a better place to live because of their flexibility, they can easily adapt to a new living environment.                           

All in all, I believe that age is just a number and not a qualification. We should not judge people by their age but there should be a balance between the young and old age group.  It is important for the old to help the young for promoting their abilities and potential.