IELTS Writing Task-2

IELTS Writing Task 2
February 6, 2021
February 26, 2021

Modern technology is now very common in most workplaces. How do you think this has changed to the way we work? Do you think there are disadvantages to relying too much on technology?

In today’s globalised world, technology plays a significant role in holistic development of every nation. Nowadays, modern technology is used widely in plethora of companies due to which the method of working is changed. This essay shall scrutinize that how using modern technology has changed our life along with its negative effects in the subsequent paragraphs.

There are innumerable merits of advanced technology. First and foremost is that tasks are done faster. For instance, by using computers lengthy jobs can be performed in few hours. In past years, to design the structure of twenty storey building, one month was used but through computers it can be done in maximum three hours which is a short process. Secondly, lot of communication resources are available. To exemplify, in bygone era, letters were send to everyone whereas now, Smartphones are used to Junction each other, also video gathering calls by which one can talk for  long hours.

On the flip side, the modern technology has some downsides. In essence, it makes individuals idle in doing their work. For example, to perform simple mathematical calculations, calculators are used. Apart from this, everyone use cars even to cover a short distance. As a consequence folk become inactive and are suffering from exhaustion and heart diseases. Moreover, students are not zealous and enthusiastic because they are not using their own knowledge and creativity. For Instance, learners use Wikipedia to complete their projects and assignments which is an abominable way to clear the exam.                                

All in all, it can be asserted that technology is blessing for mankind if it could be used in a right manner. Otherwise, it may prove detrimental for us.