IELTS Writing Task-2
September 28, 2020
writing task-2
Writing Task-2
October 22, 2020

Here are some examples of "Prepositions" given below:

1. ‘To’
Children are going to school.
He referred the matter to the higher authorities.
2. ‘FROM’
She is coming from London.
Many students were absent from school yesterday.
3. ‘ON’
The book is lying on the table.
She will come back on Sunday.
4. ‘BY’
The work is done by the workers.
The book was written by me.
5. ‘WITH’
He is satisfied with his progress.
The container is filled with water.
6. ‘INTO’
The frog jumped into the river.
The police investigated into the matter.
7. ‘FOR’
I am preparing for an exam.
He stayed overseas for 3 years.
8. ‘AT’
The person is not at his seat.
I get up at 5 O’clock in the morning.
9. ‘IN’
The minister is in his office.
The hot talk resulted in a quarrel.
10. ‘OF’
Taj Mahal is made of white marble.
He is fond of sweets.
11. ‘OFF’
Please switch off the light.
Today is my off I will stay home.
12. ‘OVER’
The bridge is over the river.
An airplane is flying over the building.
13. ‘ABOUT’
What are you worried about?
I am not anxious about it.
14. ‘AMONG’
A girl is sitting among ten boys.
Distribute the sweets among all children.
Idol of Hanuman is situated amongst all other idols.
I found the magazine amongst a bundle of old newspaper.
They had a dispute between them last week.
The visiting hours are between 10am to 11am.
17. ‘BESIDE’
The dog is sitting beside his master.
The children are playing beside the river.
Besides giving money, I gave him advice also.
I have many hobbies besides painting.
19. ‘AFTER’
Madhuri understood the importance of success after failure.
I will go after you.
My parents are against any religious ritual practices.
All the people voted against the present leader.
21. ‘ABOVE’
A person above 18 years in my country has the right to vote.
Mount Everest is 884mts.above the sea level.
22. ‘UNDER’
Children under 16 years of age don’t get a driving license.
You have to take charge of this office under any circumstances.
23. ‘UP’
He is going up the stairs.
Keep it up.
24. ‘DOWN’
The boy fell down on the floor.
Come down the stairs and look into the matter.
A country can’t progress without the progress of its citizens.
I can’t work without your help.
26. ‘BELOW’
Don’t write anything below this line.
Water is flowing below the danger mark now.
27. ‘OUT’
Keep your pet out of the room.
People are out after rain to enjoy the cool atmosphere.