IELTS Writing Task-2

writing task-2
Writing Task-2
October 22, 2020
ielts writing task-2
November 5, 2020


In the prevailing third world, Globalisation is a common scenario. It means the integration of the world economically, socially, politically, and culturally. This is due to advancements in technology, transporting, and communication. Globalization has brought countries closer by reducing distance barriers. Presently, it is dancing to tune big business on economic dimensions in underdeveloped as well as developing countries. In this interdependent world, much of the prosperity of rich nations is gained at the expense of social and environmental exploitation of poor nations. But to some extent, this gap is reducing due to globalization. But it not only has a white face, it has a black face also.

1. More business opportunities and that too international.
2. A global economy means free trade between countries.
3. Helps to strengthen political relationship among countries.
4. It creates opportunity for employment.
5. It encourages investment in less developed countries.
6. It could reduce poverty in the developing world.

1. Globalisation can lead to unemployment and exploitation of skilled workers.
2. Companies move to countries where labor is cheap.
3. This creates redundancies or job losses.
4. Salaries are low and working conditions are often poor.
5. Global trade also creates excessive waste and pollution.


Crime and punishment should go hand in hand. In the present age, providing a secure society has become a concerned area of every government in each country. People want tough ways of punishment compatible with the type of crime. This kind of system will ensure the society to understand the consequences of committing any kind of crime. Common man today feels insecure due to rising crime and incidences of offending in the surroundings. The rising crime and tolling violence have made the present generation to favor the possibility of serious punishment. Though an individual who commits a crime does it under series of circumstances but, when the situation demands and with extreme care, punishment should be used as a deterrent. Life demands security and protection in society, so crime should be controlled.

1. Main causes are: poverty, unemployment, and lack of education.
2. People who commit crimes often have no other way of making living.
3. The prison system makes the condition more led.
4. Offenders mix up with other criminals who have a negative influence.
5. A criminal record makes finding a job more difficult.
6. Many prisoners re-offend when they are released.

1. Prisons should provide education or vocational training.
2. Rehabilitation programs should prepare prisoners to settle in society.
3. Community service is another way to reform offenders. It makes offenders useful in their local communities.
4. They should be engaged in community services like: cleaning public places and interacting with people in society.
5. Offenders also need help when looking for accommodation and work.
6. NGOs must come forward to help these people.