Modules in IELTS’s Exam

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
December 23, 2019
IELTS Writing Samples
December 23, 2019

Listening - Listening module consists of 40 questions. It is divided into four sections. The duration of this module is 35-40 minutes. Candidates are assessed as per correct answers out of 40 questions. Maximum bands are 9.


  • Listen with full attention.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Look for keywords.

Reading - Reading module varies in case of academic and general training modules. In the academic module, there are 3 long paragraphs that consist of 40 questions in all. In general training, there are 4 small paragraph and 1 long paragraph which consist of 40 questions in all.


  • Skim and scan
  • note keywords
  • read questions first and then look for an answer.
  • note synonyms and antonyms