Grammar for IELTS

IELTS Speaking Cue-Card September 2020
September 16, 2020
IELTS Writing Task-2
September 28, 2020

Present Indefinite
First form of Verb {They, we, you, I Plural}
First form of Verb + s/es {He, she, it, name of person Singular}
Example: 1.Every country follows its own customs and traditions.
2. Sports play vital role in shaping personality of masses.

Past Indefinite
Second form of Verb
Example: 1. In bygone era, women spent most of their time in household chores.
2. Monuments built in past are of great significance as they reveal about the History.

Future Indefinite
Will/shall + first form of Verb
Example: 1. It is estimated that the population of India will double by 2050.
2. People will change their diet in future as they are becoming health conscious nowadays.

SHOULD: To suggest/recommend
Government should implement some laws for the welfare of poor.
Parents should take out time from their hectic schedule to spend with their children.
Individuals should join hands with authorities to curb the problem of pollution inorder to live healthy life.

Not only……but also
Giving more time to children, not only helps them to grow but also they come closer to their culture.

Fair amount of people opine that assistance should be provided to under developed nations whereas others oppose it.

Providing opportunities is crucial for well- educated because it leads to holistic development of masses.

As well as
The growing economy is good for the growth as well as increasing living standard.

In this contemporary world, people wish to spend quality time with their family members but it is all in vain.

Due to advancement in technology, people are having hectic and stress filled life.

Children should be given choice if they want to sit with their friend or someone else.

Although, it is responsibility of Government to look after health care facilities, masses can also extend their hand for the welfare of society.

However, there are multiple disadvantages of using excess internet.

Moreover, with the increase in prices, economy’s overall growth may get effected.

Apart from this
Apart from this, Government should provide some subsidies for the welfare of society.

In addition to this
In addition to this, parents should spend few hours assisting students with their home assignments.