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July 1, 2021
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August 11, 2021

Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time and have some problem as result. Why do many working people not get enough exercise? What can be done about this problem?

Health and fitness are what everyone dreams of although it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle leads either to sit at a desk throughout the day or do work that does not involve physical activities which is a major reason for getting sick and having health concerns. This essay will scrutinize possible reasons why exercise is imperative.

There are multiple side effects of modern lifestyle due to which everyone is full of disease such as, owing to lack of exercise or physical activities their immune system is so weak that viral fever and cold cough has become a serious problem these days. Due to immense competition, one has to work off the clock to cope up with them. Eating habits, like fast food, carbonated beverages, alcohol consumption add a thick layer of disease to the human body. Exercise is too beneficial to stay physically as well as mentally fit. Routine exercise of even thirty minutes can release enough hormones which cause stress and anxiety. The hectic schedule and ambience that individuals go through can be calmed down through exercise which also provides positive vibes.

Albeit, Rome was not built in a day, one has to make several arrangements in routine affairs starting with a minimum time of at least 15-20 minutes and eventually when a person becomes habitual time limit can be increased as per the availability of time. Moreover, keeping oneself hydrated with lots of water intake can be too beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

All in all, it can be asserted that taking baby steps and initiating small changes in sedentary living can certainly lead to a path of a healthy lifestyle.